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Holly Alderman South Hadley

Holly Alderman Artist Wallpaper designer with Sarah McLellan

Artist, writer, designer, photographer, innovator, Holly Alderman grew up in mid century modernism in the Pioneer Valley in South Hadley, Massachusetts. She studied drawing with Varujan Boghosian at Dartmouth and art and design with Mirko, Rotterdam, Neuman, Arnheim and Alcalay at Harvard where she received an A.B. magna cum laude and was on the Advisory Committee for the Office for the Arts over two decades. A Design Science teaching assistant (artist in her studio with daughter Sarah, photo by Kim Allis), Holly printed silkscreens now in permanent collections at RISD, exhibited again in 2016 at the Synergetics Symposium. Her public art appeared on Wilshire Boulevard, LA: a postmodern facade on the Westwood Inn Motel painted with managers Robert and Henry James. More public art facades, funded by cultural councils, at Danehy Park, Cambridge and Underwood Park and Belmont Center MA.
Holly Alderman aspires to awaken new generations to the power and beauty of proportions inherent in iconic forms deeply embedded in our visual culture. She explores Classical themes and nature for the potential to inspire original imagery for interiors and garden design.


Holly Alderman WALLGAZE selfis 2004 Fifth Avenue Bergdorf Goodman window

Holly crossed the digital divide as a Mural Fellow in public art at the National Academy Museum in New York, to compose murals and curtains of multi-layered transparent iconic images of statues, architecture, reflections, traffic signals (in Bergdorf Men's windows at left) and landscapes in Central Park and Fifth Avenue. The Academy published her mural maquette in the center of the NA brochure. As a speaker and moderator at Boston Society of Architects annual conferences she presented panels on digital innovations for interior design and public art, four years.

Holly's original style of multi-layered images of statues, gardens and architecture, in fabrics, flags and wallcoverings appeared in a special outdoor exhibit for six months at Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site and were featured in Digital Graphics, PMA Magazine, 3QD and Lexjet's Great Output among others; selected works also appeared at the Chelsea Flower Show, Architectural Digest Show, the Brickyard in Cambridge and art tours.

Holly Alderman artist window shades Saint-Gaudnes National Hiostoric Site

Decorative painting, dining room murals, art objects and collages in more of Holly's original and historical styles have been featured in magazines, exhibitions, art tours, and five Decorator Show Houses as well as TOH/This Old House, Dream House, evening news, and Today.

Views with a Room

The Alderman garden park studio at Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, was designed as a summer retreat in early 1900s by architect William Emerson of Cambridge, before he was chair of the Department of Architecture at MIT. He was a benefactor of the Hagia Sophia, funding Robert Van Nice for decades as the architect of drawings, elevations and sections now in the collections at Dumbarton Oakes.

Alderman collaborates with designers from New York to Bangkok in advanced digital techniques for innovations in antique scenes and fabrics to produce touchable, accessible, sustainable, customized wallpaper and linens, cottons, satin cloth, silk and woven tapestry.

Holly Alderman wallpaper and fabrics, art studio in Jaffrey NH


Holly's art and design resource, WALLGAZE synthesizes ten years of experiments in digital innovations for interior design with product development in heirloom wallpaper scenes, framed art and fabrics, as well as multi-layered transparent iconography printed on paper, silk and satin and woven as digital tapestry.

Holly's scenic wallpaper installations are designed in photo-sketches set in elevations, to be printed by Wallquest in Wayne, Pennsylvania.


KUDOS to Wallquest product developers, color separation artists and innovative printers who have brought back to life hand painted and hand printed heirlooms, extremely rare scenes and panoramas of 1815 to 1840 now preserved and renewed in digital imaging for customized editions and new audiences.

Wallquest is one of the most respected and innovative wallpaper manufacturers in the world with products sold in more than 50 countries. Our special decorative arts projects on papers other than wallpaper are also produced with Brilliant Studio, Superior Giclee, and Savron Graphics, among others.

Her wallpapers and photo-sketch elevations have been ordered by designers and owners from Santa Monica to Charleston to Istanbul, San Juan and San Diego and Park City, Las Vegas, Lake Forest, Palm Beach, San Antonio, Houston, Baltimore, DC, Katonah, Dublin, Toronto, London, Nice, Rome and Mumbai among others.

Alderman's antique wallpaper rooms and innovative art print designs have been recommended, presented, ordered, approved, and/or installed by designers including Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Aaron Stewart, Amelia Handegan, Jean-Louis Denoit, Michael S. Smith, David Driscoll, Tara Dudley, Jan Serafine, Tracey McKee and Pamela Peabody, among others.

D E C O R A T I V E   P A I N T I N G

Alderman Studio is a workroom for original commissions, art accents, dot comedy acrylics, scrim curtains, window shades, whimsey, faux antiques, ceilings and floors and furniture as well as hand painting wallpaper scenes in light grisaille to etching or watercolor styles.

She painted faux facades on three buildings at three parks with the Cambridge and Belmont Arts Councils. Here is a sketch for her first public art, The Underwood Pool Pavilion of cinderblocks, and painted below (artist standing on steps).

Holly Alderman Artist First Mural Underwood Pool Pavilion Belmont

Public Art for the Pavilion of the Oldest Town Pool in the USA, Belmont MA-- Watercolor sketch, 8"x10"

Holly Alderman Wallpaper Artist at her first mural

Acrylic paint on cinderblocks, 14'x60', Holly Alderman 1995

Soon after college, Holly and three friends studied magazine publishing with Pat Carbine at the Radcliffe Publishing Course and decided to create a best seller. They produced The Women's Almanac, 12 How to Handbooks in One with a print run of 135,000 copies and a cover of PW. Alderman also designed historical exhibitions and catalogs seen at the Boston Public Library and Harvard Club of New York and wrote arts features and newsletters for university and community newspapers.

Soon to appear on WALLGAZE as a vintage collection are photographs of European modernist architecture in 1938 made on a year-long fellowship tour by Bissell and Mary Alderman. In 1949 he founded Alderman & MacNeish, Architects and Engineers in West Springfield, Massachusetts and designed over 100 schools and many industrial buildings, banks, churches, synagogues plus 44 more buildings after retirement. His father, architect George P. B. Alderman apprenticed for five years for architect Cass Chapman in Chicago and opened his own firm in Holyoke in 1885 at age 23 to design Romanesque and Gothic town halls and churches throughout New England, city blocks and manufacturing, park avenues of high Victorian houses and mansions in Stamford and Greenwich.

Holly Alderman 1890 stone carved sign

Holly Alderman wallpaper and fabrics, art studio in Jaffrey


Alderman Studio, Jaffrey NH

The old style peonies on the south ridge of Monadnock were planted about a hundred years ago by Frances W. M. Emerson whose husband architect William Emerson designed the summer house and gardens as a family compound next door to his cousins, grandchildren of Ralph Waldo Emerson, a retreat from Cambridge where he was Dean of Architecture at MIT and president of the Boston Society of Architects. The Emersons bequeathed their home at 159 Brattle Street to the Cambridge Historical Society in 1957 and their summer house was offered to his former student Bissell Alderman FAIA and Mary Compton Alderman.