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Studio Art

"Art is for everyone" -- "Art ... should be something that liberates the soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further" -- Keith Haring

Welcome to Holly Alderman Studio and Gardens

Holly Alderman WALLGAZE Art Studio Mount Monadnock Jaffrey NH

... with studios and workrooms indoors and out for commissions -- paintings and photographs and prints, wallpapers, collage, fabrics, flag couture, models and maquettes for public art, splatter paint floors and floor cloths, fine and decorative arts from digital to woodcuts, silkscreen to gouache to watercolors to pencil.

Commissions from designers, online shoppers, arts council grants, towns, friends -- for public art, living and dining room walls, shades, curtains, art to walk on, dot comedy, a bread box blue and gold

Themes include Landscapes, Gardens, Colorfields, Abstracts, Ferns and Mica Collage, Gold Glazes, Decorative Photo-Blend Murals and Fabrics, Woven Photo-Blend Tapestry, Sticks Gardens

Samples of Studio Art Projects

* * *

Honeysuckle trellis on Adirondack chair

Holly Alderman Wallpaper Decorative Painting and Printing

* * *

Chinoiserie garden whimsey, faux antique on canvas, Pillement? -- practice canvas on left, canvas on right for framing, shown a month before the daffodils. For wonderful interior designer partners in San Diego and Park City.

Holly Alderman Art Studio, Painting Chinoiserie for Tracey McKee

* * *

Gold Accent on Peonies & Poppies - painted and printed on satin cloth, collage with ferns and mica, painted in gold pearlescent, recently moved to a beautiful living room in South Hadley MA

Holly Alderman original gold accent on peony flowers printed on satin collage with ferns and mica


Falconer of Central Park, see-thru murals for walls of glass - one of eight panels in a dining room walls designed for a National Academy Mural Fellowship competition, photos and design in a formal dining room by Ogden Codman on Fifth Avenue, here at the studioHolly Alderman Wallpaper printed on Silk, See thru MUals for Walls of Glass

"The best I've seen in years" - Dr. Francis X. O'Connor, NYC art critic, art historian, poet

* * *

Neoclassical Faux Facade, acrylics on cinderblocks for the Belmont Pool Pavilion Holly Alderman Decorative Painting Faux Facade Pool Pavilion

* * *

Window Shade Trompe l'Oeil  - featured on TOH/This Old House and at the Junior League of Boston Decorator Showhouse, painted for Pebble Gifford in Harvard Square, now in prints, shades -- also printed on foam core, new photos tba

Holly Alderman WALLGAZE Wallpaper Whimsey of the Week Collection Window Shade Trompel'oeil