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Chinese Garden

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Mainstone Chinoiserie®Holly Alderman Wallpaper Chinoiserie Garden Hamlen Collection roses

T H E   H A M L E N   C O L L E C T I O N

hand painted panorama, 1862, originals 9' x 36' 

Chinese gardens of exotic birds and flowers recently renewed to bring light and spirit of outdoor rooms indoors for enjoyment by new audiences.

Special thanks to Devens Hamlen for the vision and initiative to renew the panorama with state of the art scans of 14 hand painted chinoiserie panels purchased in 1862 by his ancestor Nathaniel Hamlin of Boston. who sailed over a year from Boston to Guangzhou/Canton to import porcelain, spices and textiles to New England.

Panorama. Flowering trees and plants, birds, insects, rocks, streams: cherry blossoms and and plum blossoms, climbing roses, tree peonies, camellias, lotus, clematis, wisteria, chrysanthemums, bamboo, 30+ birds - bluebirds, egrets, pheasants, nightingales, white ducks, wood ducks, egrets, butterflies, dragonfly, grasshopper and more, with an ethereal blue background sky.

The 14 heirloom panels are restored and reunited by advanced digital artists at Wallquest, among the most respected and innovative printers and manufacturers of wallpaper in the USA and the world, with distribution to more than 50 countries. 

Holly Alderman WALLGAZE Wallpaper Chinoiserie Gardens new colors

Five new colorways with gold underlayers and pearlescent inks and prints on artist canvas - Charcoal with full color gardens, Gray/silver with full color gardens, Light Ivory-Sepia with sepia gardens, Gold with muted color gardens, Apricot with grisaille gardens

New printing offers new generations the experience of viewing extremely rare historic art in a new touchable art format. Visionary masterworks destined to disintegrate may be renewed for new audiences and customized in frames or mounted on boards to move with their owners.

Innovative digital editions are not intended as replacements of originals, rather, we look into the old world in a new light as if thinking and perceiving through old world eyes, yet with lighter monochromes, blue sky layers, site specific classic and contemporary colorways and color accents, horizontal wallpaper panels, hand painted vignettes, as well as coordinated custom printed fabrics for fashions, curtains, shades, light upholstery, and woven tapestry to reach back in time with interior design for the delight and appreciation in the present.


Thanks go to Kathy Tarantola Photography for state of the art digital capture. 


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  • Jim Currie on

    Few artists have the bird’s eye of Holly Alderman for the natural world. It is reflected in these wallpaper scenes and her own brilliant art. Sometimes I think she is in possession of ancient secrets of the Tao that express the mysterious harmonics of the unseen and immanent realm.

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