Chinoiserie 1864-2018 • The Hamlen Collection®
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Join the Conversations in Antique Chinoiserie Gardens & French Grisaille Landscapes

From the earliest days of civilization, walls told stories --
     "The historical sense involves a perception, not only of the pastness of the past, but of its presence" -- T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets          
     Here now you've found epic wall stories of old world grand tours, made new in digital chic editions of antique scenic wallpaper panoramas
     You've found a unique source of exclusive treasured heirloom wallpapers renewed on premium sustainable papers, organic cotton and linen fabrics, framed canvas and fine art -- installed in residences, hotels, restaurants, in dining rooms, master suites, hallways, offices, vestibules, lobbies, printed by Wallquest in USA with delivery to 60 countries  
     From the original 'voyage pittoresque' of 1776 and chinoiserie digital chic of 2018 -- browse landscapes, harbors, ideal gardens, crossroads of cultures, to inspire you own customized edition for one-of-a-kind interiors
     Exclusive bespoke editions available in high definition digital chic editions for real-time indoor-outdoor walkabouts, 'informal scenic strolls among small crowds, with important visitors'
     Mediterranean scenes, Chinese gardens, views of antiquity, views of Italy -- meet other travelers and storytellers, merchants, soldiers, gathering over two centuries at ancient landmarks, seaports, caravans, crossroads of cultures, indoors 
     Choose your own favorites for one-of-a-kind interiors. Style a private theater as an aesthetic adventure among tall ships, horizons, ruins of the golden age, follow the silk road
     A designer in original digital art wall formats since 2004, Holly Alderman customizes scenic wallpaper and fabrics for interior design, as well as woven tapestry, framed art, pillows, accessories

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